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19 OCT 2020 - Amazon review...


18 AUG 2018 - Knowledge.




03 AUG 2018 - Throw the damn ball Dave...

Throw the Ball



30 OCT 2017 - The brilliance of Johnny Carson interviewing a woman that collects potato chips...



13 OCT 2017 - Save time boiling water...

Boiling water



02 OCT 2017 - Evidence of the Nigerian prince...

Nigerian prince


02 OCT 2017 - Buster Keaton missing a dive...



30 SEP 2017 - Smart humor... 

Smart water



22 SEP 2017 - Well this caused a snort while enjoying coffee early Saturday morning. Happened right here in the Bay Area, just before midnight (I'm sure Safeway employees love having to stay open 24 hours) and the guy had already been on parole. Drugs and/or alcohol had to be involved.

Food & Drink section of Fox News:




01 SEP 2017 - WHY I DON'T LOVE HAWAII - This was a hard one. I'm not sure, but even before going to Maui I just felt this urge to not like Hawaii. I don't know if it was because I didn't want to be disappointed if it wasn't everything it was built up to be, or that it's a liberal hippie haven, or just I'm trying to be different from the crowd.

Even after going there I still had this feeling that Hawaii was not the spectacular place everyone claims it to be.

The hotel we stayed at was okay, a little aged as far as 4-star hotels go, but still a nice place. It wasn't overly crowded, which is another thing that turns me off. The weather was pretty oppresive, except for the last few days we were there - and usually I'm drawn to warm weather, but not this time.

I was a little puzzled about this, so I did a web search for "I hate Hawaii" and found similar opinions, but this was mostly from people that lived there for several years, not tourists like myself.

The culture isn't my favorite - I enjoy going to the beach but it's not something I want to do every day. I don't surf. I'm not into native culture such as palm decorations, grass skirts, coconut trees, hula dances and such.

Sorry - even now I'm having trouble putting it into words. For some reason, Hawaii isn't magical for me.



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