iPhone23 SEP 2017 - It's getting toward the end of the year and of course that means Apple will be releasing their new iPhone models. Normally I only give a passing glance to this news since upgrading every year isn't what I can afford (let's be honest) and also I'm not a big fan of Apple.

I'd been seeing headlines about an iPhone X, which I'm guessing is Apple's strategy for decoupling from numeric versions. Imagine a few years from now and the iPhone 17 is now available... "iPhone 17 - the greatest iPhone ever!! So much better than iPhone 16!!!" So X is a way to shift to model names as opposed to numbers. Not a bad idea.

But I've also run across several news items about the smaller lines for the newly released iPhone 8. Remember when Apple would release a new model  and people would line up outside their stores, waiting with an unbridled enthusiam that can only come from a great marketing strategy, or people paid to stand in line, and/or lack of medication?

Yeah, so the 8 is also a new model that is less expensive and is competing with the iPhone X, which is creating additional headlines of it's own for hyped features as well as $1000 price tag. Greatest iPhone Ever!! [All new features that other phones already have but didn't dramatize like us!!] No wonder the lines for the 8 are smaller - people are waiting to see what the X is like. My guess is the X will easily outsell the 8... if you're invested in Apple products, you pretty much expect to pay a premium for the shiny Apple logo no matter how much it costs.

Here's a comparison of the iPhone 8 specs and the iPhone X. It's sort of written like something from the Apple marketing department, but the conclusion is to save your money and buy the less expensive iPhone 8.



8 SEP 2017 - Well the whole thing went to hell in a handbasket... About 6 weeks ago my Vostro 3460 started overheating badly and I had to set it aside. I couldn't do more than a few things with it before the fan would jump into high gear. Copying files to a USB key, downloading from the web, anything that seemed disk intensive would cause overheating.

My frustration grew to the point that I just put it aside. The only system I had left was the Surface Pro 3. But then that died on me too... what the hail?!!!

Long story short, I'm running the Vostro again but making sure it only sees light duty. No Photoshop, minimal Dropbox, and definitely no video editing. And I was finally able to reset the Surface using an old Win 8 image (the Win 10 image wouldn't work).

More and more I'm rethinking the whole "thin and light" strategy. I don't


travel a lot so there's no need to sacrifice durability for a compact form. Sure, if you work for a corporation and they refresh units every 3 years, then knock yourself out. But I'm spending my own dime here and would like to see devices last more than a few years.

Especially now that I need to make sure neither the Surface nor the Vostro see anything more stressful that email and web surfing. Gonna have to start watching the Dell Outlet Twitter feed.



03 SEP 2017  - This is sort of how I feel about phone makers removing headphone jacks, and all the people who don't like it:

Headphone Jacks



19 AUG 2017 - Right now I'm creating this website on a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, with an Intel Core i7-4650U 1.70 GHz CPU, 8Gb RAM, and a 500 Gb hard drive. A nice little system, but I would not purchase another one. Not the best recommendation, but that's the truth.

The Surface is a wonderful notebook - it has an incredibly thin and light form factor. If I traveled regularly this would be a dream to carry. But as a tablet it falls well short of useful.

First of all the Microsoft Store is woefully light on applications. You're lucky to find something relatively common, like Words With Friends. But when you do it's generally not as well developed as the other platforms such as Apple or Android.

And as I stated before, there's just not much of a selection. Need For Speed is missing. So is Waze. Couldn't find a Reddit app or the Opera browser. It's just really thin on choices, and that's not a good thing when compared to the Apple Apps Store or Google's Play Store.

As far as the OS, Windows 10 is pretty stable but the tablet functions that were in Windows 8, and which would have greatly benefited the Surface, have been removed. That, in my opinion, was a mistake. Sure, Windows 8 tablet functionality was forced on everyone and actually crippled the desktop user. But if used as a tablet, there were some pretty well thought out features that would have made the Surface an even better product.

Unfortunately it is what it is - I walked into a Microsoft Store and asked a sales rep if there were any improvements planned for the Surface as a tablet. I sort of got this blank stare from him, as though I was asking a stupid question while not intending to buy anything. Like the Surface Pro as a computer and as a tablet, that wasn't a good combination.


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