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San Diego Vacation 2007


Khoi eating a late dinner. It took us a while to figure out dinner... the first night it was just late and we opted for room service. The next night was July 4th, and nobody would deliver, and we were too tired to go out. Finally we realized we needed to plan for dinner late in the afternoon and pick something up before checking the car into valet parking. In any case, the kids loved room service pizza and chicken strips.



This was an overexposed photo taken from the hotel window... 13th floor. The bright lights in the upper left are Petco Park where the San Diego Padres were playing against the Florida Marlins.



There were two queen size beds and the four of us. Each night there was a lengthy discussion about who would sleep where... eventually we dragged a mattress off one of the beds and rotated who got to sleep in their own bed each night.


USS Midway

The USS Midway, retired from service and deployed as a floating museum. We found this while driving down by the harbor. Highly recommend checking this out - great tour of the below decks and flight deck.



Getting ready to play tourist and board the USS Midway.



One stop under the deck of the Midway was the ship's brig. This was where sailors were put when they had too much to drink and got out of hand. Here's a pic of Khoi after too much soda!



Quynh and her mom. I think this photo will establish once and for all who is taller - and still growing!


Thai Food

A nice photo of Sunshine at the Thai restaurant we found. After two days of American food I was told we HAD to find a good Asian restaurant. Thank you Google...



Went to the beach across the bridge at Coronado. We didn't really plan to go the beach (just wanted to find out where it was) and so didn't have blankets or supplies. But it was nice to sit in the sun and enjoy the scene... very nice day!



Quynh took great pleasure in burying here little brother...



...and was very disappointed to find out he wouldn't stay buried!


Me 'n Her

Me 'n her at the San Diego Zoo. The zoo was an unexpected pleasure - very interesting and informative, even if it was a lot of walking on a very hot day.




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