It doesn't take much to make me happy, but then it doesn't take much to annoy me either.

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Remember your roots. This is a photo of my Dad's family back in Brooklyn NY. It was taken by a family friend after Mass one Sunday. I'm guessing my Dad (2nd row first on the left) is about 17 at the time - which would place this circa 1953.

Back row - Kathleen, Patsy, Grandma, Grandpa
Middle row - Dad, Helen, Eileen
Front row - John, Ann, Barney





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2020 Sunshine

2020 Flowers

2018 Ellie in April

2017 Hawaiian Vacation

2017 Quynh's Graduation Party

2007 San Diego Vacation

2009 McFall Family at Tahoe

Mom and Dad

Britt, Em, and Will





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