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Miscellaneous 2020 Photos

Random pictures taken in 2020 that I like...



Sunshine and her sister. This was at their place, day after Thanksgiving. I brought my camera and only took a few pictures, opened them in Lightroom and came up with this. I like it - one of my favs! Oh, and here's the original - just in case anyone wants to see what a terrible photographer I am and how great Lightroom is.



I'm gonna guess this is a 1959 Ford... at Angelo's place and I told him I want to go back and get a better shot. I was up against a wall and had trouble fitting it in the frame, so the front is cut off. But there's something about the colors of the truck against the simple powder blue background... I just like this photo and want to shoot it again.



Same trip up to Angelo's, he stopped at an ATM and I waited in his truck. The windows of the truck were dead bug dirty, plus the other trucks in the background give it a rural feel. That's contrasted with me and my fancy camera - a city boy taking it all in.



On our way back from Phoenix we booked an overnight stay at a four-star "hotel" in Palm Springs. What a joke - it was a motel dressed up as a wannabe hotel. Paid way too much for it, but the bathroom was very unique and it had this extra tiny sink. The simple lines caught my eye and and this was the result.



Eggrolls frying in a pan on the stove out back. The color and texture, plus the bubbling oil just scream "hot!". 



Every time she cooks there will be platters of veggies diced and divided and ready to use. I saw this plate of onions and yellow bell peppers and tried to make it picture worthy.



My grandson Charlie at the beach - he's all boy, and will let the world know when it's in the way!



She won't like this picture, but there's something about the expression and look in her eyes... don't cross her, you'll have your hands full!



Oliva Serie V Meliano... smoked this down to the last burnt finger puff, it was that good. Notice how the ash holds well after the burn, no runs, and never went out. Seriously good cigar. Used my white garage door as a backdrop.



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