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Ellie In April

Ellie in April22 APR 2018 - Had an absolutely magically afternoon with my family, featuring little Ellie.

The day started out pretty normal with Diane and I planning to BBQ some burgers later on and watch the Warriors game. My sister was down from Tahoe visiting my mom and asked if it would be okay to stop by. Sure no problem, there's plenty of food and it would be good to see everyone. And along with that she called my daughters and extended the invitation... which was great. I don't make the effort to see family the way I should (I know, my bad) but this was nice - I liked it.

So the afternoon arrives and as I said, there was plenty of food and drink, and everyone is enjoying the time together. Warriors didn't get much attention, but that's okay there will be plenty of games to watch on other days. Dinner is finished, dishes cleaned and it's still pretty warm out, so we all settle in the shade sitting on the steps of the patio. I took advantage of the time by unrolling the hose and started to water some plants. Lo and behold Ellie decides she wants in on the action.

No problem - turn the hose down to a trickle so she doesn't accidentally spray anybody and sit back and watch her get busy with watering anything and everything. The hose was okay at first, but once she found a watering can nearby the real business started.

Fill the bucket up to the brim, muscle it over to the planter bed and with a little assist from Grandpa Terry, dump the whole thing. Rinse and repeat, time after time after time... we just relaxed in casual conversation while watching this industrius two year-old watering the garden. It was magical, the way you imagine life would be if we all just slowed down and allowed little ones to set the pace for a while.

Still smiling thinking about it - thank you, my family, for moments like this!

PS: Extra bonus video!



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