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McFall Family at Tahoe - Easter 2009

Found some photos from a family trip to Michelle's in Tahoe (actually Incline Village). Mom and Dad and I went up for the weekend and Kevin and Angela and kids joined us on Sunday.

Mom, Michelle and Dad

Saturday at the shore - did some exploring down at the lake after arriving and a steady wind was blowing pretty cold.



The next day was much nicer weather and Michelle wanted to run the par course near her place. Me and the folks thought it made for a better walk  instead.


Michelle and Dad

Just a quick photo of Michelle and Dad by the side of the road... snow look good, huh?



After our walk, Mom decided to relax with a book on the couch.


Mike and Chris

Michael and Christopher at the beach... what a contrast - a beach setting with snow capped mountains in the background. Very beautiful!



Yes, Christopher is standing in ice cold water that comes from the snow melt on the mountains.



Good photo of Mikey...


Pitch Nick

And here's the pitch...


Pitch Kevin




Another good photo of Mikey.



This was taken after dinner that evening before Kevin and Angela drove back to Grass Valley.



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