23 SEP 2017 - One of the world's most spoiled animals... Mino the Dog, lying on not one, but two pillows, while under a blanket to keep him warm on a cool September morning.

I should have it so good...


91111 SEP 2017 - Never forget.

I think it's a shame this photo has been buried by cowards in the media that feel more safe judging their own culture than judging those responsible for this act of war.

Hiding the truth of what happened that day is a disgrace to those who lost their lives, whether as innocents going about their usual morning at the office, or as rescuers attempting the impossible. It's a disgrace to everyone that lost a loved one. It's a disgrace to every good thing this country stands for, from economic opportunities to individual freedoms, that came under attack by people who are also cowards. Tearing something down is a cheap-ass move compared to building something up.

I grabbed this picture from Instapundit, where comments on the article recount the horror of bodies hitting the ground and how even conservative estimates guess that at least 200 lost their lives this way.

I have family in NYC, several of whom worked either in the towers or in buildings nearby. They made it out, even walking the distance from Manhattan to Brooklyn because the subways were closed. They mentioned the bodies hitting the ground, but they also don't like to talk much about that day. I don't blame them.

Never forget.


07 SEP 2017 - ChipotleI donated blood yesterday and as a gesture of appreciation, the Stanford Blood Center was giving out complimentary buy-one-get-one-free cards at Chipotle. I immediately was stuck by the irony... so I guess the idea is first you donate blood, then you eat at Chipotle, and then you get sick and go to the hospital where you need a blood transfusion. Circle of life!

Sorry - couldn't resist.



03 SEP 2017Heat - Yeah, it's been a little warm around here lately. Since getting back from vacation we've had three consecutive days of triple digit temperatures, with today expected to hit 103°. The AC and fans are running constantly. Last night I enjoyed my evening whiskey and cigar at midnight to the tune of 95° with no breeze whatsoever... that's a warm night.

We were also treated to an Emergency Alert that a Heat Advisory had been issued. Everyone's cell phone started blaring with notifications from the county government to let us all know that it was hot outside (yeah, I know - Captain Obvious lives) and that a website had been setup with tips on heat safety and staying cool.

I'm sure they filled a gap that a simple web search would have overlooked. Oh, and I'm counting down the days until global warming is cited as the reason it's so hot. Never mind the historical records indicating this is pretty normal.


Hawaii01 SEP 2017 - Made it to Hawaii for a six day vacation. Me 'n Her and kids and several of her sisters were at the Maui Westin resort. Photos here, thoughts and inspirations here - but it's good to be back home, which by the way has a forecast high of 106° today. Yeah, Hawaii was hot but not that hot.



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