Eclipse 21 AUG 2017 - Well that was a little disappointing. At work, everyone gathered outside with special sunglasses to watch the eclipse. I didn't bother with sunglasses because if I wanted to see it that way I'd just find an image, or even video, on the Internet. What I was curious about was what it would look like without sunglasses. Would it be darker? Would you be able to see anything different just by glancing at the sun? Would anything be different?

Yeah, none of that happened... even though 75% of the sun was blocked. In fact, it was getting darker as peak eclipse approached, then we realized it was just cloud cover. Suddenly the clouds disappeared and it was a mostly normal sunny morning. Except for all the people looking at the sun with funny glasses on.

So I took this photo with my phone - no fancy filters, no funny sunglasses, and nobody was blinded.



20 AUG 2017 - SunIn honor of the eclipse tomorrow, I took a picture of the sun today. Now mind you, taking a picture of the sun is far more dangerous than taking one of an eclipse. The full sun, obviously, has a lot more light and that makes it painful to look at beyond a passing glance. The pain is sort of like a built in feature of the sun that prevents most people from ruining their eyesight by looking at it.

An eclipse, though, is dangerous primarily because there isn't as much light, causing unknowing people to think that because it doesn't hurt, it's okay to look at... big mistake. The sunlight that leaks thru just before and just following a total eclipse is more than enough to do some damage. So be careful - treat it like you would if you were looking at the sun on a normal day.

Anyway, I plan to take a photo of the eclipse tomorrow, just like I took this picture today. I'll report back with the results.



19 AUG 2017 - So I decided to start over with the website and see if I could leverage a software package that made it easier update things. I think I found it in Microsoft Expression Web 4.0. This is my second attempt at using MS Expression - the first attempt was not only expensive, but after a year or two of struggling I gave up and decided to just learn straight HTML. That worked for a while, but it also became a burden to maintain. In the end, I neglected the site for a couple of years before this current effort to get things in order.

My hobbies are listed on the left. I'll update the pages in time - it'll be a lot easier now with MS Expression. The biggest challenge will be replicating the photos from the old website. But I'll get there... it just takes a little time.

Santa Clara ValleySpeaking of photos, no website is complete without a picture. Here's one of Santa Clara Valley taken in 2008 while on a hike at Fremont Older Open Space Preserve. Green oak trees contrasting with rolling hillsides of golden meadows... this is the summertime beauty of Northern California that I've known since childhood.



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